Race To Victory Mountain

by Alkali Fly

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My first official album, attempting to stay in the borders of acoustic. Just stories, as Rod would say. Built for playing alongside nature appreciation and little to no talking.


released April 26, 2013

All music composed, performed and produced by Leroy Birch



all rights reserved


Alkali Fly Melbourne, Australia

A solo artist from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Doing the things and having a time.

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Track Name: A Marksman
Look to your right and your left, it is written we digress,
in the woods and the room full of mirrors, is there a last place?
But it's not far, just move.
Look to your right and your left, it is written we digress, in the woods and the room full of mirrors, is there a stage where we connect?
Not far now, just move, just move.
Your style, making it worth my while, you won't wonder and I won't call, and it's time we worked out suit and tie, I'm so sorry, no I won't stare,
With these pretty little feathers running down her hair and I tried designs and tried to find how well you did,
Now save a little summer for me crimson red, I would change my name and move away to savor it, would you?
Track Name: Ban The Chords Discourteous
Leave them unframed, beauty is but nine tenths ephemeralness, cheapen life when cheating death, treat this a score more so than a test, As daylight falls, it is high time we divagate proper course, it was so long ago when we engaged our souls,
Move via cavalcade across the foothill range, smoked out our static, fixing now to lose our names,
Cabin keeps the cameras, ban the chords discourteous, morning waves of mountain air, make me here, I will make you there,
Pray this heart catches on, it has been made a deal, lest we waltz to the wane of her winter, steal yourself, spring's blossom breaks,
An exoteric allusion, no please don't leave, don't leave, I will do anything, accept this
Track Name: Capt. Crimson
Inside voice, must I remind you? Well how long can you swim for?
It looks a long way across the room, this sunken spring-singing bed, the mind that is worth the most has gone and traded heads again,
Clean pressed, present arms gasconade through the eyes of your peers,
Stem the flow, such a stigma sends our name collecting dust for five years, my desolate, I am more than use to it, desolate.
Track Name: Minutia
Meet them in force, a mock stasis, confined inner compounds as it were, if three point contact makes your sentence, then standing stable is all you will earn,
a laugh laced with unsure, and double hem sealing in all sorts; one blind heart string, one sold self saboteur, call me by this then don't call me at all,
at most you will see it fall a great distance away,
make peace with the voice held down in it's winter, make plans with the world, a chance to discover, reconcile with the face soon replaced with another, do this, as we will come back for the better.
Track Name: Gun Metal Grey
I swear I heard spirits dancing, out into the sky
Strip apart and sever every tether
What is on your mind?
Wherever you are, you are never so far
From the heartless seeking hardship
Disguising it as personality
And you are all, a scene without borders
Left alone, you seek life in company
And I tried to find a reason why with every day,
You would dance in different shades, of gun metal grey
But you're wrong, it never really ends, just find a place you want
And hold it.

I guess that's making all of this a funeral.
Track Name: Meet Me In Sherbrooke
Tie me down, I have time dated words for you, water pools at the base,
Estuary of the soul,
Soul soother, your delivery is off again, without this how can we hold you in high regard? I fear the rich men and all their pretty daughters
Have come to meet my standards
With kit in tow and the white sheet sky we're below, bury the bedrock throne, with those who couldn't figure it out
Engaged in light splashed fields, it's poor form to send down for the rear guard when revered, and most ill feared by far,
Last night, I felt my limb take life, this be all, end all, sun reveals my crime
Do you think your mother wanted you to seem so weak?
Outside it's five degrees, and we are well armed, fuck the basics let's make marks, try it; sentimental as I was at first card
But to be honest I would sooner burn the tree, dine at home and die alone, then try to scrape a little living picking off a pair of cold shoulders,
Come hitch a comet, stricken with the notion that one of us has got to go, did you read the one about the man who tried to take it all for himself?
Ain't nothing to write home about but it didn't end well
Don't mistake your desire to not be alone as love
Don't mistake your pious insufferable mind as something I want
As this title, is one of the worst, leave me alone, leave me alone and
Leave me a chance to bury my clone
I know it seems I have a problem but articulate orator is my title
Not a skill to squander as I don't think I'll be back for it
But these men were the kids of the betters and I guess we never really saw, if it was a construct.
Tie me down, I have time dated words for you.
Track Name: Door Of The Cellar
Chameleon's veil, blinding his eyes, how he summons his strength,
From the outside, climb the walls of your sheltered mind,
Just turn down the sirens, and scan the sky,
To look from far away, no you can see in your heart,
Objectively all displaced, now you have been pushed just to far, too far
Hiding shade, how he stands on the road, abandoned and waiting for when he escapes, that sepia scene, his shields are down,
Their shields are down,
Hold yourself, let no one else
Send in the light, it takes hold of them, shake off the air that hangs on your head, and strip down the words, that stain all the mirrors,
Free from the hands stealing your sensitive taste.
Track Name: Capture Flexure
Sent sky high, devil-some dark sides, an imperium the pressure in our heads, does it follow you to bed, there is a cure but you'd better be sure to take it here right now one the forest floor or I will,
Fly you out of this,
Come dance on your own, standing on the tip of my toes, iridescent light bound to follow, board it up or breathe the rust, I won't stop until we reach the bottom,
To walk around with a sign saying, 'don't touch me, I'm tired'
It's no wonder why, no one is filling your aisles
Seek and sleep, no I can't breathe, no I can't breathe, You know I can breathe around you,
Serenity sang, left rage in the rain, we have deadwood on all in our way
If there is one thing that I adore, it's the enemy attending my burial,
With all you do in life, make sure you tow the line
Like keeping frozen flowers, I know my days are ending
Reminded every hour, so long, let give destroyer.
Track Name: Aura Autumnal
Just close your eyes, or acclimatise to cold water all night ,
Common sense is beamed to me through a dirty lens
I promise you have found none better, I assure you,
Without dark the light ain't seen
Be free, be whole, be free, be whole,
'I can feel you right beside me', said the eagle to the sky
I can feel our sun all shining, and I do know the life that flows inside,
Interconnected in a paradigm
Don't try to fathom with your mind, just know it in your soul
I praise thee Sarah, such beautiful lines;
'The part contains the whole'
Be free, be whole.
Track Name: Spires
I have a fatal flaw; if it's not perfect I won't do it at all, a prayer for
Allen, talking to a stranger I heard his mornings are getting harder,
The christian took up both his hands and promised him prayer
It is Sunday, it's Sunday again
'In 1850, they built a stockade', his eyes are closed, and I anticipate
The shake will wake him,
It's time to drag your heart across the life line, levitate, let me take the
Other side, every time you know, it is Sunday, it's Sunday again
I'm sure we are the same, of my devilish games I have tired,
As for the black wax invitation, where was I?
It's time to drag your heart across that life line, levitate, let me take
The other side, every time you know, it is Sunday, it's Sunday again,
Walking on a dream, come with me and climb the spires,
Dancing in the trees, let me be your purifier,
I know this now, I was waiting for you,
I was waiting for you to come around,
I was waiting for you.

It's my love.